Vector Art

Image_Poor Internet resolution 1bHave you ever taken a picture that’s on your computer and zoomed in real close and seen all the fuzzy little pixels? This is called pixelization. It becomes blurry when you try to reproduce it and leads to poor results.

Many customers send us artwork or logos they copied from the Internet (72 dpi) and expect us to reproduce it. Unfortunately, most of the time it cannot be done unless one of our highly skilled artists can ‘clean up’ the artwork or re-draw it by hand. This is time consuming and can get expensive.

Therefore, please provide us with the highest quality artwork you can (300 dpi or higher) or ask us to give you a special quote to vectorize your artwork. This a one-time fee and will save you money in the long run and increase the quality of your signs and graphics.

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Below is a logo the customer provided off the Internet. The image is blurry, pixelated, and too poor to reproduce.

Image_Poor Internet resolution 1b
Blurry, pixelated image from the Internet

This same image was re-drawn by one of our artists and converted into vector art which can be reproduced in any size – large or small – without suffering any loss of quality. Also, this logo can be used over and over again without incurring additional charges when re-ordering signs and graphics from us.

Image_High Resolution_Vectorized_2
High-quality vector image re-drawn by our artists.



Graphic Design

Creative Services 1For special logos or artwork, our design department will be happy to assist you in creating the most attractive art for your next project. Let us know what your looking for and we’ll give you a free, fast estimate of any design fees.

All your logos or artwork must be provided to us in vectorized or high resolution (300 dpi or higher) format. Otherwise, additional art and design fees may be applied to your order.

QUESTIONS? Give us a call: 772-236-7550